I know I haven’t written in a long time or been by to visit or even checked in on you.  I said I loved you and I didn’t show it.  Well, I’m back with flowers in my hand and to apologize. *gives flowers to loyal readers*

I didn’t write on the blog because I was stuck between the hard places of my various on line identities which took away permission to write what I felt.  I’ve solved it.  SteadyCat is back!

Meanwhile, please check out this facebook fan page for D F Collier… because it’s important to me.  Thanks for all your support and for stopping by, even when I was a no show.  I still lurve you.  I hope you lurve me too.


I probably should have mentioned it earlier but I’m a last minute kind of person.  It keeps my nerves down.  I will be reading from my novel, Summer Breeze  (work in progress), at Foyles Bookshop in London.  It is my first time reading in public. *gulp*   There will be six other people reading their work as well.   I’ve  met the spoken word artist, Olumide Popoola and am looking forward to meeting the others.


Event:  hosted by  Chroma Journal 

Location:  Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road

Date:  Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time:  7:00pm – 9:00pm

City/Town:  London, United Kingdom

P.S. Buy my book next year .   Whoopwhoop!  *does happy dance*

I’m happy to bring you something bloggeriffic. *rings bell*   Every other Wednesday, 6 very different bloggers (1×6) will come together to answer a single question pulled out of a hat.  *rings bell again*  

The 1×6 group consists of:

 A Brown Girl,     Aricia      BWABW,      Glennisha Morgan,     SteadyCat,  and     StudWithSwag.  

The first topic is: 1×6 – How do you feel about gays and lesbians that supported Prop 8 – the ban on gay marriage?  

Click here  and go to A Brown Girl’s blog if you want to know what we thought.  Come back to my place and let me know if you were digging our vibes.

The next 1×6 will be on April 29th and hosted right here in SteadyCat land.  The topic:  Why are the transgendered taboo? Why are they are looked down on?

As ever, thanks for stopping by.