The Bilerico Project tells how Clay and his partner of 20 years were treated and in the worst way possible.  Is the extent of gay hatred so bad that no laws protect us?  Is this the country that I served in the military for and forgave – for all her murderous, racist, sexist, rape of people’s souls – because she was going to be beautiful one day?

Was it because Florida got away with  preventing Lisa Pond and their children to be with her dying partner since they were a lesbian family?  Is it now a free for all on all gay people – when it comes to health care and our legal rights as a citizen in this God-forsaken country.

I’m having one of those moments where I think the only way to resolve anything is to destroy the bastards before they finish destroying us.  But then, my humanity stops me.  And then I have to apologize for thinking such vile thoughts.  There is a lesson here but I’m not sure what it is.  Read The Bilerico Project.  Maybe you can figure it out and explain it to me.

According to CNN, President Obama has asked the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a rule that would prevent hospitals from denying visitation privileges to gay and lesbian partners.  I say this: unless there are consequences to hospitals and governmental offices behaving this way, nothing will change.  Mr. President, we need to see some consequences to follow your words.  Otherwise, words are pretty but empty.

(I saw this link via Mary Anne Adams, on facebook).


I would like to say how pleased I am about the display of sportsmanship.  Senator McCain finally shook Senator Obama’s hand. I waited for Senator McCain to lose his grip with reality and show his temper.  For once, he didn’t use profanity or look like a raving lunatic. He kept a smile spackled onto his face almost the entire time.

Favorite topics or what I like to call the money shots:

1.Negative campaigning

Senator McCain blamed the negative campaigning on Senator Obama.  He let us know how hurt he was.  He then gave us his incensed face and said he would not let the great Americans that attended his rallies to be talked about in a negative way.  He brought up how he corrected the woman that called Senator Obama an Arab.

My light bulb moment while McCain was talking:

I wondered why John McCain had corrected someone for calling Obama an Arab in his last rally.  Now I know.  He needed that one moment as proof that he was not running a negative campaign. Stupid me.  I thought he had corrected the woman because the FBI was in the audience.

Senator Obama did not give a sob story about negative campaigning.  He didn’t even bother correcting Senator McCain when he lied and said it was the Democrats doing it. He simply said he would like the focus in the next three weeks to be on the issues.  The economy.

2. Roe vs. Wade (the most riveting topic)


Senator McCain was against a woman’s right to choose.

Senator Obama was for a woman’s right to choose


3. Most ridiculous statement:

Senator McCain said that Sarah Palin was a role model. 🙂


CNN voted Obama as having won the debate.