I grew up in Georgia (USA) and am presently living in London, England.  I wrote and told stories when I was very young but received very little encouragement so I found other things to do.  Like climb trees, beat up my sister, smoke and drink.  As a woman who has experienced a heck of a lot of life and years,  I now write fiction, nonfiction, erotica and fantasy/horror instead of climbing trees and beating up my sister.

I’m a black woman, a feminist, a lesbian and older than 40.  I grew up in the deep south and still have the scars to prove it. I believe that life is meant to be good – for and to everyone, if only humans would get a grip.


13 Responses to “*About Me”

  1. Where in the south did you grow up? I’m from Nashville, TN and can imagine the crap you may have endured. Black, Female and a Lesbian; only thing left is Republican then they’ll kick you out of the “Black Church”.

    I’m just kidding with you.

    Hold up. Don’t tell me you’re a Republican too.

    Seriously, I like your blog. If you don’t mind I would like to add you to my small list of bloggers I try to keep up with.

    (from SteadyCat)
    Thanks as always for the kind words….except the bit about my being a republican.

    About adding me to your list of bloggers…whoohooo! I like it when people add me to their blog list. I’ll also add you to my list. Cheers.

  2. michelle2005 Says:

    I left comments on two of your other posts. Yet, when I read your “About Me”…I decided to leave another.

    My best friends are a lesbian couple that have been together for 19 years. They still go through such crap from the ones that NOW want to faciliate change…Mc Cain/Palin. I also have a transgendered cousin…she told me that for the first time in several years she’s frightened if our nation get’s it wrong again come November. She wants to leave and return to France where her partner is originally from.

    Do they think we’re stupid? This was Sen Obama’s (our next president)platform from the beginning. The very things that we as feminists have struggled for over 30 years…and they (RNC)slammed…they are now proposing. This is bullsh@@.

    I love your site. I hope you don’t mind, but I emailed a couple of your posts to my friends


    Hi Michelle. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to hear from you again. Cheers.

  3. Hello there! {waves}

    I have taken my blog into “invite only” mode for a week or so while there is some programming underway at my blog. I didn’t want to leave you out of the loop! I don’t have your email address to add you to the list of invited blog guests!!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  4. Can you see the email address that I submitted? (smiles)

    @Lisa – I can see your email address and you’re right – I can’t sign in. I’ve emailed you my address so hopefully I can pop in to see what you’re writing about in a day or two. Thanks for thinking of me.

    A few days later…..I tried to email you but it got sent back. Do you see my sad face? 😦

  5. Chelsea Says:

    I’m adding this site to my blogroll. I’ve been browsing political/gay blogs today, because the workday is painfully slow, and your writing is entertaining! Thanks for keeping me in the know. 😀

    awww, 🙂

  6. Bird l Bird Says:

    Hey darlin,

    Great to see your bloggoing – about time.

    I’ve subscribed to your feeds so your soapbox mutterings will give me some relief from my endless diet of webby stuff.

    Hope the writing and the bloggoing go from strength to strength.

    Love and Tweets,

    Bird x

    Heeeey Bird. It is so good to see you here. x

  7. Hi Steady Cat,

    You left a comment on my blog requesting to join Atlanta Black Bloggers.
    We would be happy to have you, can you send me an email with your contact info and a short description of your blog.


    *Hi, Gordon. Thanks for stopping over. The email is on the way.

  8. Chica Says:

    Hey Steadycat, super cool American, from back in the day.
    Hope it is all good with you mate, I am loving your site!

    I wonder if you remember me?


    *waves at Chica* Did we go dancing once at Club Kali? *puts on thinking cap* Email me and drop a line. 🙂

  9. Can’t figure out how to subscribe here. Could you do it for me (as Alix did)?

  10. Chica Says:

    Hey Steady, indeed, your memory is good! I will email you one of these days, but for now, I will let you get back to moaning about the weather 😉
    I am telling you honestly, my little Caribbean soul is suffering….I need SUNSHINE.

    *waves at chica and sings song by John Denver* sunshiiiine on my shoulders make me haaapy. Sunshiiine on my shoulders makes me smiile.

  11. Kheri Says:

    Hi Steadycat,
    I was curious about the person who left a comment on my blog post, so, I thought I’d drop in and see if I could learn anything 🙂
    First, I want to thank you for the comment you left and sharing your own experience, and I was not surprised to find you talking about the world needing more kindness when I landed on this page. 🙂
    And you’re right …the world needs to desperately learn to embrace kindness.

    All my best to you,

    Hi Kheri, thank you for stopping by. All my best to you as well.

  12. uniquesoul73 Says:

    Hi…I stumbled onto your blog today and so far, I love what I have read. I am a 36 year old black lesbian who lives in a red state. It’s refreshing to find other black lesbian bloggers over 35…I was beginning to think that I was out her by my lonesome…I will be adding your blog to my blog roll. Look forward to reading more.


    1. steadycat Says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I promise I’ll be blogging more but right now I’m trying to finish a novel and get a writer’s website built, which is tapping my time. But, once I get started again, you will be happy you stopped by. Thanks. 🙂

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