Tulane University’s class or 2009 graduated on Saturday, May 16th at 9a.m. and my nephew was one of them.  The commencement ceremony was held in the Superdome, yes the very same Superdome that housed people during the devastating events caused by Katrina.

The ceremony started with New Orleans jazz being played.  WOW!  Talk about authenticity. 

The commencement speaker was Ellen DeGeneres, that famous, good looking lesbian that has won 12 Emmys, has an award winning TV show and is also the new face of Covergirl Cosmetics.  She married the actress, Portia de Rossi.  That’s the Ellen I’m talking about.  She can now add receiving the President’s Medal from Tulane to her list of accolades.

Because I was sitting in the nose bleed section, I couldn’t run over and ask what she Portia and I were doing later – but it did cross my mind.  I even told my family not to wait up, just in case. HA!

I am very proud of my nephew who graduated from the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. When he was about three, I videotaped him studying ants.  He loved learning about nature and how things developed, even at that age. 

Thanks Ellen for making A’s graduation the best one I’ve ever attended.  It was good to be a lesbian on May 16th in the New Orleans Superdome.

PS. The lovely Harry Connick Jr. was there as well.