My 18 year old niece is visiting me in London and I’m quite pleased.  Though I have lived in Europe for many years, I have never been visited by any family members, ever. Maybe it’s because I didn’t invite them or maybe Georgia is just too beautiful to leave for longer than a day?  Which was okey dokey with me and probably them  as well …  but every now and then I wondered what it was like to  feel tightly connected to a family while living without one. 

On her first day, I cooked, we went walking and then to a movie.  The second day, she went out shopping for make up, fingernail polish,and people watching with BD while I worked on my deadline.  Today jet lag caught up with her and she slept all day.  When she awakened, I took her to eat delicious Thai cuisine.  Tommorrow we’ll do an all day marathon of things on her list.  She has set the alarm clock so we can start bright and early.   We have been talking about the  many different languages  being spoken and the foods  – just in my neighborhood. She is very innocent and sweet but a lot more worldly than I’d expected.  I don’t know when she became this way because I’ve rarely spent any time with her. 

I didn’t think I would enjoy myself so much, but I am.  I just wanted everyone to know.  Cheers.

PS.  She doesn’t know I have a blog, but since I’m an adult, I’m entitled to a few secrets. 🙂

P.P.S.  I have added photos of things she/we’ve seen.  My feet hurt.  The End.