The ‘working title’ of my novel is SUMMER BREEZE. 

Several days before the event, I received tons of advice from my message board group on how to read without looking like an idiot.  For example:

 1. No drinking beforehand. (I really wanted a glass of wine or two to help me relax)  

2. Read my piece over and over before the event.  (If I I got too nervous – my mind/memory would automatically take over).  

3. Very Important.  Don’t read too fast.

Foyles was filling up and my nervousness was increasing.  My brilliant problem solving head took over.  Before I knew it, I was focused on something even more important than reading.  It was….TA-DAaaa….finding the perfect place to sit.  I tried out different seats for about thirty minutes.  It took that long because none of them seemed to ‘feel right.’ It was either under the air-conditioning vent or too near the podium, or I would have to climb over too many people.  It was exhausting.  This obsessive compulsion behavior continued until there were only three seats left and the show was about to start, forcing me to sit down.

When I stood at the podium and noticed all the people staring at me, my nerves started acting up again.  I couldn’t read my writing and the fainting I wanted to avoid was right around the corner.   In the nick of time, I saw people from my message board smiling and nodding, which helped me get a grip. *punches the air*

Giving my character her first public appearance was literally like giving birth to my baby.  I felt a tug of sadness because the person who had been with me at the character’s conception and through a great deal of my pregnancy wasn’t there. As I was reading, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone jumping about with a camera.  I glanced at her, did a quick smile, and then continued reading the story.  The double take that happened next was so huge, even the audience swiveled their necks like a sea wave to see what I was looking at.  It turned out that the missing person (baby daddy) *displaying my sense of humor* was the woman with the camera.

 Though my voice shook and I kept jutting my papers out at strange angles, my audience kept attentively listening.  My first time turned out to be a very positive one. *does happy dance*

 Thanks everybody for your support.  

Thanks, Chroma DEVINE Mentoring Scheme

UPDATE:  Photos Added