UPDATE: More Photos Received

On Monday, I attended a picnic in Hyde Park with the message board crew.  You know the one that had the fabulous cake meet?  Well this time it was a fabulous picnic. The day started out gray and damp but that’s OK.  It seems the English will picnic even if it’s raining – or so I was told. It was a bring your own food type of party so I stopped at a store and bought chips, soda, and a bag of M&Ms.  In case you’re worried about my pitiful fare, don’t.  People shared.  I had brownies, cupcakes, a Scotch egg, quiche and all sorts of savory goodies made by people that know their way around a kitchen.  *Sings* I love people that can cook. *does jazz hands* Thanks to Jad and friends, I had my first Scotch egg.  My only regret > I didn’t sneak some of their food into my bag to eat later. 



My camera sucks and the batteries died before everyone arrived, so you’re not getting a true picture of how many people were there.  

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