According to the London based IRAQI-LGBT group, Iraqi authorities have convicted over 100 prisoners because they are LGBT, and are planning to execute them in batches of twenty.

According to a blog by Steve W on Care2, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  For more information about how the murders are being sanctioned and supported by religious and political figures, read his blog..

How can you help? Take action now and sign this petition to urge the British and American administrations to do all they can to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Iraqi’s be free from oppression and the threat of these brutal murders. Take action now and sign the Care2 petition.

If your heart hasn’t been moved enough to act, then read the  UPDATE below.

Apr 6: Member of Iraqi Gay Group Pleads for Help “Before It’s Too Late”.  

Please sign the petition.



April 9th – For Your Information 

According to the Amnesty International article dated March 12th “Amnesty International called for the immediate intervention of Iraq’s Justice Minister to stop the execution of 128 prisoners on death row, amid reports that the authorities are planning to start executing them in batches of up to 20 starting next week.”  

My comment: From what I can read – no mention of the prisoners being homosexual or even details of the charges against the prisoners was known at the time of the article.  Those details have not been forthcoming.

A blog by Hamden Rice (male heterosexual) whose website is disputes the information about gays being killed.  He is also the same blogger that wrote about an artist tying up a dog in a gallery and letting it starve to death while gallery goers watched – which the media disputed.  Hamden Rice is now saying “Encouraging people to sign onto this “cause” will only discredit the real movement to end discrimination, harassment and murder of gays and lesbians in Iraq.  There are not now, nor have there ever been, 128 homosexuals sentenced to death in Iraq.  Now the bullshit story will basically discredit legitimate activism over the real problem — the murder of gays by shadowy militias, religious fanatics and rogue police forces.”

My comment:  Pointing out a problem about executing gays and signing a petition to stop an execution of 128 people who may or may not be gay makes sense to me.  I cannot see how pointing out a problem about the maltreatment of gays in this instance will discredit legitimate activism.  Perhaps I question his definition of legitimate activism, especially when he (a straight man who has no idea of what it is actually like to be gay in the mentioned country) is disputing the views of a LGBT organization directly connected with Iraq.  I don’t know which blogger (Steve W. or Hamden Rice) is relying on fact or which is pure opinion based on his version of realty.  As a gay person, I’m more prone to believe the voices of gay people who are crying about being murdered than I will a heterosexual man who logically deems that being gay is not illegal, therefore not a jailable offense.  Because I am not the all seeing seer, it really is up to people to judge for themselves and read both the blog by Hamden Rice and the blog by Steve W.   I signed the petition.