I actually love some kiddie books and this one by Karen Andrea rates up there, so I take great pleasure in spreading the word.   It is for 8-12 year olds and also for adults like me. 😀 It is an amazing adventure in enjoying the magic of books. Maybe you and your kiddies would like it too?

For the UK book shopper, Amazon.co.uk

For the USA book shopper, Amazon.com

I’ve met Ms. Andrea and enjoyed our chat about books and children over coffee. I often try and meet the authors of books that I’ve read but I haven’t been invited to tea by any famous ones, yet. 🙂  

Who have you read, watched, adored and tried to meet in ‘the entertainment/writing industry’? (in a non-stalkerish way of course)  Years ago, I  tried to meet Sinead O’Connor and contacted her several times via email.  I never got a response.  *whispers* I’m still available for tea, Ms. O’Connor.