I’m a member of a lesbian message board that does something rather unique.  We meet in person and socialize with each other.  What is also fun about our group is that we know and call each other by our message board names. Mine is simple.  SteadyCat.

Holalola thought of having a cake meet and got antsy bakers to whip up something good to share.  AJ found a community center that would allow the cake baking women and their many fans to eat and chat until we were full and satisfied.

 I was an official taster because as everyone knows, I can’t cook.  I won’t cook.  I really dislike cooking.  But, I’m excellent at eating really good food.  There were twenty-two bakers and three tasters expected at the Cake Meet.  When I arrived, with my palate set for action, I could barely squeeze inside the room.  The fifty people already there looked quite happy as they surrounded the cakes and chatted as if they hadn’t exchanged information just that morning on the boards. There must have been about thirty cakes crowning the table.  There was coffee cake, lemon tarts, chocolate cake, brownies and please don’t ask me to name them all because I can’t.  Just know that they looked beautiful and tasted divine. I have pictures to prove it.