I’ve just read author, Nicola Griffith’s  blog and was both saddened and angered by the news. According to the LA Times, the California Supreme Court “strongly indicated Thursday it would rule that Proposition 8 validly abolished the right for gays to marry but would allow same-sex couples who wed before the November election to remain legally married.”  

They followed their indication. 

My comment: Why don’t we just vote to make sure all our neighbors never have the same rights.  It’s legal to do so in California and soon, in your neighborhood as well.  Oh, I forgot.  Your neighborhood never gave non-heterosexual adults in a committed relationship the right to marry.  Don’t worry, someone with money and power and no since of  fairness or equal treatment will think of rights to take away from you.  It will be shown that we are all in this together.  

Note to my blogging buddies:  I’m still moving and I won’t be blogging  for a couple more weeks.  🙂