I haven’t been writing much and wanted you to know that I probably won’t for several more weeks.  I’m moving from my flat to a different (and cheaper) location.  The place I’m moving to has to be painted, floors repaired, carpet put down, etc.  I’m responsible for getting it done or else I’d have to move in as is – which I couldn’t bear.  What with the repair work there, packing boxes and closing accounts here, shopping for furniture and basic necessities – because I’ve only lived in places that were already furnished – and have none of my own.  I’m doing all this without a car.  If you live near me, be a good samaritan and offer up that foot massage.  *rubs toe*

I’ll be thinking of all my blogger buddies as I work, work and do more work. I’m looking forward to seeing you near the end of the month.


tired SteadyCat in London