I’ve written fiction, creative non-fiction, scifi/fantasy/horror and erotica. Not to mention a non-fiction manuscript that I mailed to a gazillion publishers who in return, gave me their arse to kiss. When I talked to established authors about my never having been published and my stack of rejection letters, they laughed.

I was told, “You don’t have enough rejection letters. This proves you haven’t been sending out a sufficient amount.” Since I received a dressing down instead of sympathy, I produced more work to send out.  One competition that I entered was Write Queer London. It was sponsored by UntoldLondon, The Museum Of London. The topic was queer London, past present and future.

After several weeks of thinking about what to write and coming up empty, James Baldwin, the black, gay,  American novelist popped into my head and gave me a talking to. *cue drum roll* My short story, Just Like James placed in the competition. Though I didn’t win, being a runner up is still mighty sweet. *does happy dance*

Prizes will be presented at a special evening event at the Museum in Docklands on Thursday 5th February 2009. There will be entertainment, free wine and a DJ afterwards. All are welcome. The event is free and open to the public.

Thank you Sir James Baldwin. Thank you Atsa for your past writing support.