I woke up early to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. I had to wait until 7am USA time before I could call home and wake up my mother and my sis. I checked to see if my nephew had reached DC for the inauguration. He is 14 or 15 and it’s his first time away from home in the company of total strangers. He went with a group of students who were allowed to attend the inauguration due to their school GPA. He got to DC after a 13-hour bus trip late last night. He doesn’t know I have a blog but this kiss is for him from his proud aunt. *kiss*

Rather than talk about the entire inauguration, I’ll talk about the moments that touched me. After three hours of crowd shots, limos and secret service here they are:

1.When Barack and Michelle Obama were standing with George and Laura Bush before entering the white house for the traditional coffee. It made me misty eyed. I must add, Michelle looked beautiful. As usual, her grace and good manners shone brightly as she gave Laura a gift before they entered the building. I don’t recall any other future first lady doing that.

2. When President Elect Barack Obama was announced – and walked out alone (and proud) to join the seated members of the inauguration party. That was even more touching than the first moment.

My Observations:

George Sr. and Barbara Bush wore the loveliest matching purple scarves. George Sr. had trouble walking, which was a surprise. I guess he didn’t want a wheelchair? Unlike Cheney, who had a very tiny woman pushing him around. It was almost like pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill. I hope that wasn’t his wife. They should have given him a burly secret service guy to do the pushing – instead of the woman whom I hope wasn’t his wife – because surely he would have let his wife enjoy the inauguration. Especially since he and the wheelchair were four times larger than this petite and somewhat frail woman. Can someone please tell me that this woman was hired to suffer the burden and she wasn’t his poor, dear wife?

Jimmy and Rosalind Carter – I loved them.

Bill and Hillary Clinton – Bill looked grumpy. Hillary looked happy.
Laura Bush looked stunning. I loved it when she walked out, waved and said “Hey, everybody.” That was truly endearing.

The Bidens looked beautiful as well. Especially Mrs. Biden.

Barack Obama’s barber was very nervous and didn’t realize that he cut each side of the new President’s head differently. One side tapered into a fine point. The other side was a square. Maybe they got so busy, he never got around to cutting the side of the head that ended in a square. Each time the President turned his head, I kept repeating square, square, point, point.

President Barack Obama is left-handed. When he signed the official Presidential documents, his left hand worked the pen. Bless. Even left-handed people can now feel even prouder.

The bible that Michele Obama held for Barack’s swearing in ceremony has not been used since the inauguration Of President Lincoln *tears did fall*

Congratulations President Barack Obama. Congratulations America!