My two heaters have me looking like a parched prune. If I turn them off so my skin can get a break, in ten minutes the room is cold again. I now wear a knitted cap to cover my cold head 24 hours a day. Yes, I sleep in it too. very short hair = very cold head. Today, I ventured outside. After fifteen minutes, my blood had turned to sludge. I had to find heat again.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this strange weather.

If you’re the bearer of sunshine and warmth, please come on over and share. If there’s a cure for this, I want it.

I promise to blog about something other than the weather and blah, blah, blah next week. I’m readjusting my head space and fine tuning takes time. Stay tuned. *pulls knitted cap down over ears*

Frozen in London