Today, I am really upset with Facebook.  As many of you know, I am an individual that blogs.  I get on my soapbox and I yaak about whatever I’m feeling.  I, SteadyCat had a facebook page that was connected to all my friends.  People that know me as SteadyCat and also call me by that name.  My Facebook page was called SteadyCat’s SoapBox.  I used the Blogcast application that facebook supplies on their site – so that snippets of my blogs here would show up there.  No rules were broken. It was all done with an application that they provided. 

Yet, Facebook removed my page.  According to them, the page is for individuals and not for businesses or groups or for purposes of making money.  I wrote an explained that I am not a group or a company and I certainly don’t make any money. I am an individual that happens to blog.  They responded by saying that their decision was final.

Why is it that when companies get so big, they can arbitrarily snuff people out without even having to adhere to their own rules.  Just like that, they murdered me.  Yet, they allow millions of other individuals that blog to connect with their friends and to use blogcast – just like I did.   Is their a rule that says I have to use my real name, otherwise I’m a money making business?  Do you think it is because the facebook administrator didn’t like my topics – and knows they can discriminate with no recourse – if they want to?  Do you think that it is unfair that they make millions of dollars through advertisements – because of people like myself utilizing their site – and still not have to adhere to their own rules of parity?  Is there something I can do about being executed without having committed a crime? 

*sobs*  If you can assist me, please do so.