Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their families! 

 When CNN announced that Barack Obama was the President Elect, in my neck of the woods it was 5AM. Once I’d stopped screaming and yelling, I called my 81-year-old mother.  She was arrested when I was a child for marching with Martin Luther King and for fighting for the right to vote as well as other civil rights. After she was detained, we (friends and family) thought we never see her again.  Thank goodness that wasn’t true.

I called and asked mom how she felt watching Barack Obama become our President, she said ‘Thank you Jesus.’   When I hung up the phone, I cried for her suffering and then I cried because she was still alive to witness this event.

As an adult, I covered over my childhood traumas.  That’s what mature grownups do.  Growing up and watching my parent’s struggle for basic rights as well as dealing with my own experiences did not leave a lot of room for feelings of safety.  I remember being six and beaten with a cane by an elderly white woman – because I couldn’t tell her where the coke machine was.  She didn’t stop until my older sister ran over and pulled on the cane so that she couldn’t strike me any more. At the age of seven, I integrated the school system in my home town.  As the lol kittens might say – “war stories…I haz them.”   It was only after Obama ran for President did I realize that I still had raw damage begging for attention.

We have now participated in a historic election that is helping mend wounds that we share collectively. Yes we can and yes we did.