The Joys Of Reading Blogs

I’ve just finished reading Pro-America, a blog by Tim Valentine.  It gives a picture of America’s underbelly.  For me, the people are a representation of what is hidden throughout society.  The mentally ill, the child molester, the alcoholic and abusive father and everything else we love to hide. Today, I am a firm believer in the saying ‘What is hidden cannot be healed.’  For the sake of group/country health, read Pro-America by Tim Valentine.

When you’re done with being reminded of that ranting uncle that will not go away, come back to me for a second helping.  This time it’s chock full of important Election Day information.

Read about Electronic Voting Fraud and ways your vote could be denied on The Bruce Blog.

Our Election path is full of crazy relatives, sticks, stones and Bulldogs gloated with power.  Once you read The Bruce Blog, please remember this. In order to make sure that your vote is counted and that it’s not automatically changed from Obama to McCain – DO NOT pick the one button that allows you to automatically vote for all Democratic candidates.  It is imperative that you MANUALLY choose each and every Democratic candidate.

I want to keep my faith.  Dorothy, I want to believe that we (All Americans) can rise to our greatest good, which will be the greatest good for all. I’m wearing those shiny slippers and on election day I will clack my heels together and visit  the land of America The Beautiful.