NO on Prop 8.

I received the following email from a Twitter site and wanted to help get this message out.  Though it was written with Twitter in mind, I’m asking anyone else who wants to participate in a greater good.  Thanks.  (SteadyCat)

On October 6, blogged about exaggerations posted on a web site run by supporters of Prop 8. About 10 days later, Felice Newman  (author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book) sent us an email asking for our help with defeating Prop 8. We posted Felice’s email, but decided we need to do even more.

We are active participants of Twitter with over 1000 followers.  We thought, “Wow! If we can get all of our followers to this page to donate at least $5, then have our followers ask their followers to donate $5, we can help defeat Prop 8. Even though we don’t live in California, we feel any help our fellow gay & lesbian Americans can get from the good ol’ midwest will be greatly appreciated. With that said, tomorrow (October 20, 2008) we will make regular updates throughout the day, asking our Twitter followers to donate and retweet (RT) our No on 8 updates.

We ask all of our Twitter followers who support equal rights for gay & lesbian Americans to join us in our efforts.

Update – 10/20/08: Check out No on 102 as well and help them out if you can.