I didn’t like the set up for a town hall debate and hope the last one is done differently.  I saw the back of their (Obama & McCain) heads instead of the front of faces at least 70% of the time.  I was able to wash dishes and paint my kitchen without missing a thing.

This debate did not cover any new ground. If you saw the first one, you know all there is to know.  What I will focus on is debate sportsmanship.

I I expected some mud slinging and sure enough, the first dirt pellet thrown was from John McCain and it was within the first ten minutes.  Logic and facts aren’t necessary when you’re slinging the mud. Even though John McCain isn’t perfect, I would have let him keep his good sportsmanship badge – if that was going to be the worst of his behavior.  *holds up the torn badge for all to see*  I had to rip this off of his lapel!  Senator McCain referred to Senator Obama as ‘that one’ instead of by his name.  Should we demand his medical records right now?  

When the debate was finished, I expected both men to shake hands. I had high hopes that Mr. McCain had been advised about his poor behavior after the first debate. My hopes were dashed.  Senator Obama reached out to shake hands, and John McCain quickly turned away. Senator Obama finished his outreach by shaking hands with Cindy. Neither John nor Cindy shook Michelle’s hand.  I don’t even think they looked at her – and she was standing right there.

CNN rated Senator Obama as having won the debate.  He also (in my opinion) scored the highest in Presidential behavior.