My take on the VP debate:

Sarah Palin responded much better than expected.  She had lots of memorized sound bites that went over well with the public.  When she couldn’t answer questions about McCain, taxes or deregulation- she switched to talking about Energy.  Doing this allowed her to keep talking -without the viewing audience actually realizing that she did not answer the question.  It was a very good tactic.  Palin has now been trained to stare at the camera and to repeat great sound bites.  She must have had a speech coach as well because a lot of the twang in her voice has been removed.  Her hair was down, her make up was perfect, her designer suit fit well and she knew how to work the camera.  Republicans and Independents that would have abandoned the McCain/Palin party are now back on board.  Sarah did well.  Though she is still not qualified to be our next VP, I was happy to have a break from cringing.

Joe Biden answered all his questions with expertise.  Joe had to correct Sarah when she said he didn’t know what it was like to be a single parent/mother to your children.  He lost his wife and daughter in an accident and became a single parent to his boys.  One of those boys is now being sent to Iraq. When he showed his sensitive side, I had to dab the mist out of my eyes.  Joe Biden is the real deal.  He is not a war mongering cyborg.  He is exactly who this country needs. 

My regret – Joe was not tough on Sarah.  He did not correct her when she got the USA military General’s name wrong throughout the debate.  He treated her with kid gloves, as many of us expected.   My advice – It is time for the Democratic party to quit coddling her and treat her like they would any other VP candidate who has zilch knowledge. 

My favorite part – The Gay Marriage/Civil Rights issue.  I wanted more of a battle but was glad for the sparks. 

Joe Biden won the debate per CNN’s panel.  I agree with their assessment.

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