October 2008

The Joys Of Reading Blogs

I’ve just finished reading Pro-America, a blog by Tim Valentine.  It gives a picture of America’s underbelly.  For me, the people are a representation of what is hidden throughout society.  The mentally ill, the child molester, the alcoholic and abusive father and everything else we love to hide. Today, I am a firm believer in the saying ‘What is hidden cannot be healed.’  For the sake of group/country health, read Pro-America by Tim Valentine.

When you’re done with being reminded of that ranting uncle that will not go away, come back to me for a second helping.  This time it’s chock full of important Election Day information.

Read about Electronic Voting Fraud and ways your vote could be denied on The Bruce Blog.

Our Election path is full of crazy relatives, sticks, stones and Bulldogs gloated with power.  Once you read The Bruce Blog, please remember this. In order to make sure that your vote is counted and that it’s not automatically changed from Obama to McCain – DO NOT pick the one button that allows you to automatically vote for all Democratic candidates.  It is imperative that you MANUALLY choose each and every Democratic candidate.

I want to keep my faith.  Dorothy, I want to believe that we (All Americans) can rise to our greatest good, which will be the greatest good for all. I’m wearing those shiny slippers and on election day I will clack my heels together and visit  the land of America The Beautiful.


NO on Prop 8.

I received the following email from a Twitter site and wanted to help get this message out.  Though it was written with Twitter in mind, I’m asking anyone else who wants to participate in a greater good.  Thanks.  (SteadyCat)

On October 6, sisterstalk.tblog.com blogged about exaggerations posted on a web site run by supporters of Prop 8. About 10 days later, Felice Newman  (author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book) sent us an email asking for our help with defeating Prop 8. We posted Felice’s email, but decided we need to do even more.

We are active participants of Twitter with over 1000 followers.  We thought, “Wow! If we can get all of our followers to this page to donate at least $5, then have our followers ask their followers to donate $5, we can help defeat Prop 8. Even though we don’t live in California, we feel any help our fellow gay & lesbian Americans can get from the good ol’ midwest will be greatly appreciated. With that said, tomorrow (October 20, 2008) we will make regular updates throughout the day, asking our Twitter followers to donate and retweet (RT) our No on 8 updates.

We ask all of our Twitter followers who support equal rights for gay & lesbian Americans to join us in our efforts.

Update – 10/20/08: Check out No on 102 as well and help them out if you can. 

What a lying liar!  John McCain said on national TV that he was not participating in dirty campaigning.  Somehow I got the impression that he would at least stop – and focus on the issues.  Surprise, surprise.  He lied.  McCain is now sending out nasty Robocalls linking Obama with terrorism and killing Americans. Listen to the recording at the bruce blog and call the number listed the bruce blog so that your complaint is heard.

Who wants a President that can’t be trusted – because his word is never his honor?  No one.


I would like to say how pleased I am about the display of sportsmanship.  Senator McCain finally shook Senator Obama’s hand. I waited for Senator McCain to lose his grip with reality and show his temper.  For once, he didn’t use profanity or look like a raving lunatic. He kept a smile spackled onto his face almost the entire time.

Favorite topics or what I like to call the money shots:

1.Negative campaigning

Senator McCain blamed the negative campaigning on Senator Obama.  He let us know how hurt he was.  He then gave us his incensed face and said he would not let the great Americans that attended his rallies to be talked about in a negative way.  He brought up how he corrected the woman that called Senator Obama an Arab.

My light bulb moment while McCain was talking:

I wondered why John McCain had corrected someone for calling Obama an Arab in his last rally.  Now I know.  He needed that one moment as proof that he was not running a negative campaign. Stupid me.  I thought he had corrected the woman because the FBI was in the audience.

Senator Obama did not give a sob story about negative campaigning.  He didn’t even bother correcting Senator McCain when he lied and said it was the Democrats doing it. He simply said he would like the focus in the next three weeks to be on the issues.  The economy.

2. Roe vs. Wade (the most riveting topic)


Senator McCain was against a woman’s right to choose.

Senator Obama was for a woman’s right to choose


3. Most ridiculous statement:

Senator McCain said that Sarah Palin was a role model. 🙂


CNN voted Obama as having won the debate.



I didn’t like the set up for a town hall debate and hope the last one is done differently.  I saw the back of their (Obama & McCain) heads instead of the front of faces at least 70% of the time.  I was able to wash dishes and paint my kitchen without missing a thing.

This debate did not cover any new ground. If you saw the first one, you know all there is to know.  What I will focus on is debate sportsmanship.

I I expected some mud slinging and sure enough, the first dirt pellet thrown was from John McCain and it was within the first ten minutes.  Logic and facts aren’t necessary when you’re slinging the mud. Even though John McCain isn’t perfect, I would have let him keep his good sportsmanship badge – if that was going to be the worst of his behavior.  *holds up the torn badge for all to see*  I had to rip this off of his lapel!  Senator McCain referred to Senator Obama as ‘that one’ instead of by his name.  Should we demand his medical records right now?  

When the debate was finished, I expected both men to shake hands. I had high hopes that Mr. McCain had been advised about his poor behavior after the first debate. My hopes were dashed.  Senator Obama reached out to shake hands, and John McCain quickly turned away. Senator Obama finished his outreach by shaking hands with Cindy. Neither John nor Cindy shook Michelle’s hand.  I don’t even think they looked at her – and she was standing right there.

CNN rated Senator Obama as having won the debate.  He also (in my opinion) scored the highest in Presidential behavior.

My take on the VP debate:

Sarah Palin responded much better than expected.  She had lots of memorized sound bites that went over well with the public.  When she couldn’t answer questions about McCain, taxes or deregulation- she switched to talking about Energy.  Doing this allowed her to keep talking -without the viewing audience actually realizing that she did not answer the question.  It was a very good tactic.  Palin has now been trained to stare at the camera and to repeat great sound bites.  She must have had a speech coach as well because a lot of the twang in her voice has been removed.  Her hair was down, her make up was perfect, her designer suit fit well and she knew how to work the camera.  Republicans and Independents that would have abandoned the McCain/Palin party are now back on board.  Sarah did well.  Though she is still not qualified to be our next VP, I was happy to have a break from cringing.

Joe Biden answered all his questions with expertise.  Joe had to correct Sarah when she said he didn’t know what it was like to be a single parent/mother to your children.  He lost his wife and daughter in an accident and became a single parent to his boys.  One of those boys is now being sent to Iraq. When he showed his sensitive side, I had to dab the mist out of my eyes.  Joe Biden is the real deal.  He is not a war mongering cyborg.  He is exactly who this country needs. 

My regret – Joe was not tough on Sarah.  He did not correct her when she got the USA military General’s name wrong throughout the debate.  He treated her with kid gloves, as many of us expected.   My advice – It is time for the Democratic party to quit coddling her and treat her like they would any other VP candidate who has zilch knowledge. 

My favorite part – The Gay Marriage/Civil Rights issue.  I wanted more of a battle but was glad for the sparks. 

Joe Biden won the debate per CNN’s panel.  I agree with their assessment.

Visit the Huffington Post For more detailed analysis.