I visited the Science Museum tonight with two English friends. I’ll call them Dennis and Susan.  There we were, three writers, talking about the world, life, love and of course, science.  When our conversation steered to politics, Susan said she had a white American friend who was angry that Hillary was not the Democratic nominee.  This friend is now a pro-McCain blogger who is convincing people not to vote for Obama.  Susan didn’t understand why her friend would be voting for McCain, who stands for everything she hates.  She is a feminist and a lesbian.  Susan also said “American white people think Obama will become President and become anti-white.”  Please imagine the shocked look on my face when I heard this statement.  Have they not listened to anything that Obama has been saying?

When I got home and tuned in to blog land and was greeted with more racist information about the good people of America.  If you’d like to read more, take a look at Obama Hung In Effigy At Christian College

I have never seen a presidential nominee or his family treated in such a horrific way by the American public.  As a matter of fact, it has never been allowed.  Until now.  Christians are selling racists pancakes with Obama’s (Aunt Jemina style) face on the cover.  We have white feminists and lesbians who don’t care if the world suffers more wars, if women can’t have abortions, or that we will all die in the upcoming holocaust that will surely happen if we don’t choose the President who prefers diplomacy over murder of innocent women and children.  They don’t care.   I guess it will be all worth it in the end.  To die knowing they stood for (white people) and not for the good of all people.  As we die, I’ll especially try and remember to thank the liberals, feminists, lesbians, gays, transgenders who stood tall for the institution of whiteness over everything else.  

Lets hope tomorrow that people will take this opportunity for growth and do what they need to do.  Change.