The environment was electric!  I have been inspired like never before.  I believed in a change for all and so did the people at the Democratic Convention.  I believe in becoming a better citizen and doing my part.  I believe in being kinder to everyone annd everything.  President elect Obama spoke with style and grace.  He said positive things about Senator Clinton.  Uplifting things.  Wonderful things.  And when he talked about John McCain, he did not speak evil about the man, he spoke about his policies.  A refreshing change.  From this day, I hope politicians take note of a new way of campaigning.  We are all sick of the ugliness.  President elect, soon to be President, Barack Obama is going to help us all achieve a more perfect union.  I have never been so proud as I am now of the political process.  Thank you, our soon to be President, Barack Obama. (I hope writes a song about this.  I hope children talk about it in school.  I hope old ladies feel safer…)  Ok, I need to stop it. *wipes tears from eyes*