Michele Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention made me feel safe in the knowledge that America could become a more perfect union. Her speech made me proud to be a black woman and proud to be a feminist.  The former Democrats -who turned their backs on their Party, had been doing damage to my feelings of safety.  Ok, I admit that I should have stopped reading their blogs.

I grew up during the era when whites barred blacks from using public toilets, restaurants, schools and everything else.  The ugliness of the blogs of the former Democrats reminded me of white people standing in front of schools snarling at innocent black children.  They reminded me of white people barring the doors when I tried to use a bathroom in a public facility.  They reminded me of an elderly white woman who beat me with her cane when I was just a tiny child because I didn’t understand what she wanted and couldn’t tell her where the coke machine was.  The former Democrats – who now support the Republican Party, were looking and behaving just like the mean spirited people of my past.

In thinking of reasons why people would give up principles they claimed to hold dear, I asked myself these questions.  Was it just because the candidate they wanted did not win the election?  Does that mean they never believed in the core principles of the Democratic Party?  If they didn’t, why did they pretend for all these years?  Then I got it.  I came to this conclusion. They were supporting Senator Clinton because she was a White woman and not just because she was a woman.    Once she was taken out of the equation, democratic principles no longer mattered.  Only principles of skin color were of any importance.  People will show you who they are when pushed into a corner.  Flowery words will not hide the reality of what is being shown.

Many people wondered what Senator Clinton would say at the convention.  I was afraid that she would not support her party’s nominee – Barack Obama.  I am happy to say that I was wrong.  Her speech was very moving.  It reminded me of why I initially supported her in her bid to become our next President.  Her speech made me feel proud of her and for her. My only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner. But can she undo the damage?  Yes she can.  Yes we can.

I fully support Senator Clinton and President elect Barack Obama in working together for the common good.  I am proud to be an American.