I was channel surfing and came across The Quick And The Dead.  I have watched this movie at least ten times and still feel moved, as if for the first time.  The directing, writing, acting, set design and wardrobe were excellent. The Quick And The Dead is marked as my favorite western and one of my favorite all time movies.

Leonardo Di Caprio was young enough to still look like a hot lesbian and his talent wrapped around him like a shroud. He was just a boy then but his acting was as good as one of the masters. As he said in the movie, “I don’t think you heard me right.  I said I liked ya.” 

Sharon Stone. Her acting was superb.  I was so glad that she had a role in a movie that used her acting ability more than her naked body. And, I have never seen her look so sexy. Those brown leathers spoke my name.  I repeat.  I have never seen her look so sexy.  The sweat and dirt only enhanced her looks.  My favorite scene was one with her and this horrible man who had just abused a girl.  They had a frenzied shoot out in the rain, running towards each other with hell to pay.  Each time I see that scene, I yell to her “Shoot him!  Shoot him!” Picture this – Her stringy, long, gunfighter hair, her wet hat, raindrops sliding down her face.  Priceless.  Sharon, can you please act in another western?  If you do, I’ll bring at least 500 people to the movie opening.

Gene Hackman.  He knows how to show an insane, sadistic gentleman in the best light.  I fell for Gene when he played Lex Luther in Superman.  Watching him in The Quick and The Dead play the town benefactor, destroyer, father figure and fashion icon was such a treat.  He knows how to do horrific the right way.  Like a gentleman.  A sick one, but still, a gentleman.

The final scene.  Sharon Stone.  Dirty.  Her long hair blowing in the wind.  Wearing leathers, spurs, cowboy boots and a long coat.  And get this.  She had short fingernails.  That’s right.  Somebody finally got it right. (Tangent – This makes me think of the Joan Of Arc (was it the movie or the TV series?).  How dare they make a show about a woman that people believe to be a man – and then have it played out in a sissy, girly, lipsticky fashion. Their Joan Of Arc looked like she couldn’t kill a fly – much less lead a war. Joan Of Arc was strong.  Why can’t Hollywood portray strong women properly? End of tangent).

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The Quick And The Dead, give yourself a treat. It’s recommended by me, SteadyCat.